Custom LED Decks

Custom LED decks with or without Indicators 
Super easy to install and lots of patterns 


Orginal Style Decks

The original style Berry Boards
are retro stylish premium plywood.
Handcrafted by us here in U.K

carbon 2-01

Carbon Fiber Decks

We can make custom Carbon
Fiber Decks. All manufactured 
in house by Berry Boards 

led deck-01

Laser Cut Decks

Laser Cut Decks are just cool 
Why not add a coloured expoy resin? 

Design your own deck online using the customisor tool

Upload your own artwork or use the pre uploaded artwork to create you’re perfect custom deck – don’t worry though we can design your deck if needed just get in contact.

Mantis Decks - Pre Designed

Don’t want to design a deck?…

Select from one of our many predesigned decks 

Do you want a custom graphics deck, but don't feel confident or need help with the design?

let us do the design work for you!